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23 marzo 2015

La scelta giusta dell'abito da damigella: Weddingshe

Good morning and good week dear readers, marriage is one of the most important ceremonies of our lives, but have we ever wondered how important the role of the bridesmaid?
The maid of honor is a key figure for the most important day of our lives, generally the choice of the maid falls on the best friend of the bride, rather than a relative, or you can decide to delegate this task to more friends or relatives until a maximum of eight, she will be responsible for supporting the bride and help her in the long path of the preparations.
The Bon Ton provides very precise rules, as to their duties throughout the celebration of the rite:

  1. if they are less than 3 will open the wedding procession entering row one by one;
  2. if they are equal will open the aisle to the bride, proceeding in pairs;
  3. if odd, it will be up to one open the procession to the bride and the others will follow in pairs.

Also the maid of honor will be tasked to tell pageboys and bridesmaids things to do, it will be up to her to fix her train and the veil of the bride, all in that day will be perfect.
Before the ceremony will help the bride get ready and Starla as close as possible to dissolve the tension; another important thing will be to keep her tricks and handkerchiefs.
During the ceremony, the newlyweds will help to deliver favors and confetti.

Since you will always be present in the most excited by supporting and comforting the bride, the bridesmaid dress should be chosen with care, so for future bridesmaids propose to take a look at this site: WEDDINGSHE
The choice of clothes is vast, both models, you will find them long, short, with or without straps, for colors, elegant dresses and always discounted prices.

I have already recommended this site to two of my friends, who soon will play the role of bridesmaid because I find them absolutely fantastic!


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