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15 dicembre 2015

Rosa Novias AU

In these months i am very excited about the preparations for the wedding of a dear friend, after so many years of engagement, finally, they decided to take the plunge; obviously there being passed over 9 years, I know that things are really a lot to do and the costs are still very high.
Among the things, perhaps, the most important is certainly the choice of the wedding dress.
The bride must be flawless that day, every detail must be in the right place and the dress must make us feel queens!
When I got married, I opted for a dress made to measure, chose the particular and the seamstress added carefully, but all this attention to detail for the dream dress what cost me ???
Over 2500 €! When I wrote the quote, he was about to visit me a shot!
I thought to myself, ok, basically you get married once, one hopes, but then another part of me said to me, yes, but worth spending that much money for a dress you'll wear only one day, although the best day of my life?
Well girls, I did not know at the time still Rosa Novias AU and then I've spent.

In addition to wedding dresses, Rosa Novias AU, offers a wide selection of: bridesmaid dressesmother of the bride dressesall kinds of dresses in reasonable price, all the productions that you need are custom made, which coult let you get the.
I have chosen for you some suggestions, I hope you like them!


Lovely and really fabulous also proposals for bridesmaids, you can try to mismatch your bridesmaid dresses via same color, different shades, different styles,  different colors, same ttyle or different colors, similar style. 

I liked my proposals?
To discover the entire range of dresses, you just need to visit the site
I assure you that you will not be disappointed.


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2 commenti:

  1. Che belli questi abiti da sposa, ma visto che io ho già dato anni fa mi piacerebbe acquistare un abito da cerimonia per il battesimo della mia nipotina

  2. Aveva ragione mia cugina segnalandomi l'articolo del tuo blog, questi abiti sono super super favolosi! Da farci sicuramente un pensierino. Grazie!!!!